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For those who suffer from chronic pain, we gladly welcome any relief we can get.  I have been very fortunate to find that relief from treatments with my chiropractor, Dr. Claire K Corcoran.   For a number of years, she has greatly relieved the pain and stiffness of arthritis in my neck, sciatica, and a pinched nerve in my elbow.   I found her so helpful that I also recommended her to my mother, husband and various friends.  I could not have asked for a more competent, capable, caring and honest professional! "
- E.T.

"In mid 2005 I was suffering from an enormous amount of physical pain, which I came to realize was related to emotional stress and medication was not working.  There were three deaths of my husband’s and my parents in two years. Physically I was a wreck. Having been a massage therapist I knew about Chiropractic care. That was when Dr. Claire Corcoran entered my life and has been a staple ever since. One by one my family has joined the holistic bandwagon."

"When my daughter started suffering from unexplained headaches I took her to see Dr. Claire and through different methods of treatment and adjustments she put her back on track. Even after having her wisdom teeth out she re-aligned her jaw and the headache that was starting was gone".

"Our bodies need realignments because we don’t always use proper body mechanics.  With chiropractic care we can allow the oxygenated blood to flow freely through our bodies to heal our ailments, whether it’s emotional or physical pain, without medications.  Dr. Claire’s patience and knowledge are what I respect the most; she genuinely cares about us, the patients."
- C. H.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Claire’s for over 5 years. I first started seeing her after being unsatisfied with my previous chiropractor. I was so thrilled with both the personal and medical attention I received from her that I left the previous Chiropractors office of which I had been a patient for over 8 years! Although her location is further from my home, it is well worth the time spent in travel! "

"The medical care I have received from this professional has enabled me to live my life as an active 50+ year old. I can walk, turn, sit, move, drive, swim and work pain free. I am able to move and turn my head with flexibility and ease, no more straining to see if there is a car in my blind spot…. I have access to life in a way I did not prior to such thorough chiropractic care. Should some part of my skeletal system “go out of whack” I am able to endure the discomfort until my appointment because I know DR. CLAIRE is going to fix me."

"My limited understanding of how everything is connected has been updated and is much more complete having been under the tutelage of Dr. Claire. I now can tell when a headache is due to sinus or something is out of alignment. This patient, caring and knowledgeable woman is dedicated to the well being of her patients body, mind and spirit. Dr. Claire can tell when something is out of whack in your skeletal system or your spirit…. she just knows what to do….and will never give up on her patients. She has more drive and determination to make me well than I sometimes have myself…and for this I am eternally grateful! "

"I love it when I can walk down the 2 flights of stairs from her office after a session. It’s these little every day things that I take not for granted for there was a long period of time when tying my shoes was an exhausting event. Picking up something from the floor, standing in line, sitting on the floor are all things I cherish and am able to do thanks to the perseverance and expertise of Dr. Claire Corcoran. The best part is that her magic healing is done without heavy-duty pharmaceuticals."

"Dr. Claire is at the top of my list of people that make a difference in my life. She ROCKS!"
- A.S.

"Dr. Claire Corcoran is one of the most intuitive doctors I have seen. She carefully listens for specifics when I describe an ailment and knows how to treat the problem. Not only does Dr. Claire work with me to keep my body in alignment, she cares for my over-all health. She has treated my sports injuries as well as my age-related soreness for years. Dr. Claire is a warm and caring doctor. I have full trust in her abilities as she also treats my children."
-Marty M.

"I was referred to Dr. Claire by a mutual friend. I was complaining about a back pain that was keeping me from reaching backwards without a lot of pain. After a course of treatments and an exercise program tailored just for me, I reached that pain-free level that I once had. I have periodic adjustments that work in conjunction with the exercises that continues to maintain a pain-free back. I would recommend Dr. Claire to anyone seeking relief from pain."
-Jack B.

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